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40 %

There's a 40 % chance that I'll survive the 'thon.
Will you survive the Blogathon?

The birds have started to sing. Or perhaps they are discussing my predicted 6 in 10 failure. HA! I'll show them. I'll get them all, and their little DOG too!

Quick, THROW IN A MEME, maybe they will get confused and think it is real content...

Crap, the meme generator I wanted to use is busted.

(sounds of scurrying off to fix it)

Expletive deleted ISP using a substandard version of AWK! (CRASH) And now, without further delay... the meme...

Zaphod Beeblebrox talks to Moses and my photocopy.
brought to you by the isBlob Generator

I did not win the song contest BUT I made the Blogathon front page. w00t!
Morning! (*goes off to see what the song contest was about*)