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Sunday, July 29, 2007

I Hate That Song Game!

This game was inspired by the current run of terrible songs on BERadio, played intentionally to make tired bloggers flag with horror.

EMAIL: games@blogathon.org
RECEIVE BY: 2:15am Pacific (about 25 minutes)
PRIZE: $5 sponsorship
WHAT: Tell me in an email about your LEAST favorite song. The one that makes you dive for the off switch. Don't forget to include your URL. Sing it!

And now, my entry...

"Cats in the Cradle" by Harry Chapin

The song destroys my mood so quickly that I once ran out of a supermarket that was playing an instrumental version of it as Muzak.

The song makes me feel really, really, really bad. It makes me think that I am a bad son, and that I am ignoring my wonderful father. I am not perfect, but that song has a way of dragging your emotions down into the gutter and stomping on them with soccer cleats. It makes you question your own personal honesty and whether or not you love your parents. Some view it as a cautionary tale of remembering to pay attention to what is important. I think the dark overture of the song clouds that message and replaces it with a message of absolute despair.

Spider Robinson once wrote a Callahan's story where a time traveler went back to change one event in history. An extremely popular, but very dark and depressed, singer had a life establishing moment when she was scarred in a Police raid. In the original future, her music brought on brooding, suicide and self-destruction. The time traveler wanted to go back and just remove her hurt from that one single event.

If I was a time traveler I would seriously consider going back in time and asking Harry Chapin to not publish that song.

Keep on blogging,
I'm now up on AIM as "fuzzface00" if you would like to chat, need some help staying awake, or would like some personal attention from a possible stalker. I'm multi-talented like that.

I think what_came_next summed it up nicely in this post. Yes, we are becoming Krispy Kreme Doughnuts1 as Post 48 taunts us in the distance.

Snape collects Power Puff Girl videos ? Who knew ?

1Not quite as delicious as sex, but a good substitute when that isn't handy.
It would be too easy to blog about Harry Potter 7 as I am reading it right now. Look, 759 pages of nearly new content! It is leaving a fresh impression on me! The perfect solution, well not really...

surria opened the box carefully, out of sight of the guard at the gate. Inside was a Cheeseburger (still warm), a large rifle that looked vaguely like a prop from the movie Aliens, a silver tube with a single button on it and a note. Pressing the button caused the device to click in a seemingly random pattern. She slung the rifle over her shoulder, ate the cheeseburger and pocketed the tube. Consulting the note, she headed east towards the RIAA building. In the distance, the building suddenly gave out a deep sigh and quietly collapsed into itself. About a block behind her, a Frownie was quietly following her and speaking into its wrist radio.

Shortly before, demented_pants stood at the foot of the RIAA building and addressed one of the 'troopers, "Destroy the building. Send out a 911 call. Vacate the area." She then stormed off, obviously frustrated that what she was looking for was not here. Convinced a clue was nearby, she Force-pushed people out of the way and entered a Books-A-Million, in the hopes that a copy of "Delusional Nightime Blogathong Writing for Dummies" was available. Surely there would be a clue there...

fuzzface01 woke up for just a moment somewhere else and mumbled, "Don't call me Shirley". Thankfully he blacked out almost immediately, thus saving us from another bad joke.
OK, what would a blog be without a GIP ?

A GIP is a Gratuitous Icon Posting. A posting that has no value other than to show off a new icon.

I just made a Frownie icon! Go me!

Note to demented_pants: He has gone 'round the bend and is not expected back.
In Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, there are two restaurant chains which are obviously competeing with each other. The first is Eat 'n Park, which uses a smiley face as the corporate symbol.

Their competition Kings Family Restaurants needed an idea... and came up with something entertaining, twisted and downright evil. When I first saw it, I became an instant fan.

What else would you use to fight an evil smiley face, but a Frownie ?
One person has correctly identified the picture. Bravo.

Thinking again on the concept of "what is out there", I present the following from one of my favorite artists:

I've known John Kovalic for quite a long time, and contrary to what my Convention Committee says he does really exist. You can find him at muskrat_john and at dorktowerfeed. In some ways I aspire to be John, he has no ego and yet has a fantastic talent. I still am trying to shed the negative parts of my ego. Wanna buy it ? We got a special today.

John does have a dark side though, he designed this fun little toy which every child (or someone who is childish) should own. Forget the Barbie Doll or GI Joe, this is the toy doll that reflects the future of... dare I say it... mankind itself.

So, I'm still awake. I know one of my sponsors is awake. I'm assuming my monitor is still awake. Who else is out there ? Comment and say hello!
I'm not ready to pick the story back up just yet.

Instead, let us play a game. This is a game that we play on "Bomb Shelter Radio", which is a radio program I do. It is on hiatus right now because I'm waiting to see the results of the Internet Radio Royalties Fight. I might talk more about that later.

The game is called "What The F Is That ?" The rules are simple. I will post a link to an image in Google Maps. I will ask a question about the image. The first person to answer the question right, wins... absolutely nothing (It is a zero budget radio show after all).

So here is the link to the image.

The question is "Name two movies that used this (whatever) as a location for filming."

Feel free to post your clarifying questions and possible answers here, all comments will be initially screened.

Good Hunting!
For four years I worked at NASA Goddard Space Flight Center. The mission I worked on ultimately flew and was a success. Two of the Principal Investigators on the project won the Nobel Prize last year. NASA has often been synonymous with what science is capable of when it is strongly encouraged to reach out and learn more.

Having said that, I look in the news sometimes and think the only folks left at NASA are crazy...

"Alcohol is freely used in crew quarters," the report said. "Two specific instances were described where astronauts had been so intoxicated prior to flight that flight surgeons and/or fellow astronauts raised concerns to local on-scene leadership regarding flight safety. However, the individuals were still permitted to fly."

--- NASA takes swift action after report of astronaut drinking Read the whole thing at CNN

We live in a country where "Drinking and Driving" is considered one of the great evils of society. You have to wonder how a Federal Government Agency would allow someone who was drunk to board and operate a complex aircraft or spacecraft. The mind boggles that ANYONE could overlook that. And yet, it appears that they did.

How many times do people at NASA need to have this slapped in their face. If you ignore a safety issue for any reason, the result will ultimately be disaster and death. This time it was drunkenness. Another time it was O rings.

Attention NASA: We don't need another example of head in the sand here... Do the job right!
The title of this post came from an SMS message that just came through on my phone from one of my sponsors. :-)

Let me tell you a story, it has to do with faith. I'm not sure faith in what yet, but it has to do with that.

I'm a geek. An engineer. A follower of science. I was raised by my wonderful parents in the religion they chose. When I became of a certain age, I wandered away from it. Or I should say, I maintained some of the outlooks and guidelines I was taught. But I didn't understand what to have faith in, and had felt the human elements of the religion were deeply flawed. I lived that way for many years.

Twice in recent memory, something outside of the normal three dimensions picked me up and shook me.

In one case, through a completely improbable set of circumstances I found myself in a position to save a friend of mine who had collapsed (drunk) in a little used part of a building. There is NO VALID REASON I should have found him there. And yet, I was at the right place at the right time and I made a difference.

The second time, I just sat and listened to the stories of the life of a very ill younger woman. For eight years she had been dealing with a bunch of nasty symptoms that didn't have a diagnosis, let alone a cure. Many folks questioned whether or not she was really ill. I just sat and listened to whatever she was willing to tell me because I found it interesting, then again I find most people interesting. At one point, a question just popped into my head. I had asked plenty while listening, and at first this question didn't seem much different from the tons I had asked so far. The question was "Did they ever test you for X ?" The answer was no, but her eyes brightened when she put together the various pieces that had been clear to me at that moment. She vowed to be tested for X the next time she could get a doctor to listen to her. When the test came back, she had a name and a diagnosis for her affliction. I don't consider myself to know much about medicine, but occasionally I can see patterns where others don't. In this case I honestly feel something, someone, some whatever dropped the pieces in front of me so I could see the damn pattern and ask the question. I don't think I would have seen it otherwise.

I don't know what that ...erm... intelligence is yet. But I know it is out there... and perhaps it is worthy to have faith in it.

More Later,
So for those of you in the same boat as me, what are you doing to stay awake at this point ?

Maybe that naked run would be a good idea. Of course, there would have to be ...erm... flash photography :-)