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mere_bystander was right to caution me that the END is actually 49 posts. I know somewhere I saw 48, but that isn't important right now.

I checked with demented_pants, my monitor, who confirmed this.

So this is 49.

Start playing the National Anthem... Now we really conclude our broadcast day !

And now, your moment of Zen ...


Love ya all,

Good job! Woo-hoo! Congrats! You did it! W00T!
(I really should lay off the coffee...)

Sleep well!
Congrats fuzz! Now go get some sleep :)
Congratulations! ::Virtual high five for the EFF::

Good to see both of us EFF bloggers making it through the night!
Glad you made it! Sorry I missed it but we had our own little endurance test of it's own at the con --nothing really out of the ordinary.